Blue Harbour’s Philanthropic Initiatives

At Blue Harbour Group, we are ever mindful that our Limited Partners – including institutions supporting philanthropy, retirement, students and sovereign economic development – rely in part on our investment returns so they in turn can expand their capacity for impact over time. Likewise, as significant investors in our own funds, our success also supports the positive impact we can make in our own communities and throughout society at large.

Accordingly, Blue Harbour has established several Philanthropic initiatives to support and magnify the personal efforts of our team members to share their energy, skills and financial resources for the purpose of giving back to promote stronger communities and a better world. These programs reflect Blue Harbour’s core values – particularly teamwork, engagement and a focus on the long term. At Blue Harbour, we provide for matching donations by the firm to support and amplify philanthropic gifts made by our employees to charitable organizations of their choosing and the firm itself provides significant financial support to a broad range of charitable organizations. Importantly, we also provide for employees’ investment of their time and expertise, through firm wide Volunteer Work Days and by encouraging and facilitating direct mentoring and involvement in leadership roles with charitable organizations.

The employees of Blue Harbour and the firm are privileged to have supported the efforts of the following organizations:

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